Brief Overview

Scendent is a social enterprise established to create a lasting change in the world as we know it. On the surface, we are a young adult’s mental health brand.

In depth, Scendent is a charitable trust and a series of businesses that all work in harmony with each other. The Scendent system allows young adults to facilitate the change they want to see… all within their means

How we work

Our content markets our business avenues. All our business avenues donate 50% of our end profit towards our charity. This is establishing a sustainable prolonged change. Donations will only enhance what we can do, not be our sole source of income. Within our social enterprise ecosystem we can continuously make impactful changes to the mental health of young adults.

  • Translucency

  • Growth & Health

  • Humour

  • Creativity

  • Equality & Fairness

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Our History

Scendent was born when our founder (Ryan Collier) in 2018 had to create a brand for a design class. Deriving from the word Transcendent - meaning "beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience" - and paired with the Popular phrase “Send it” Scendent was born. 

The brand has evolved over the years, originating from a second hand clothing page. Op shop finds and second hand grails were sold in the early days to build up the cash balance. At one point even marbles were sold.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the entire Mental Health space while letting everyone feel like they're just having fun. We envision global and becoming a trademark brand. Inspiring the next generation to go further than they thought was possible and achieve new heights in all areas of their lives.

If you like what we are about support us!

Every little bit helps saves someone's life and gives back to the people who really need it

Support us
  • Soulchology

    Alison provides intuitive, emotional psychchology coaching. We partnered with Alison to provide a Scholarship for those who cannot afford care.

  • The Positive Mindset Challenge

    Teaches mindset and mental wellbeing tools for life. Operaters on a buy one gift one policy.

  • Nothing But Everything

    A fun based approach to life and self improvement.

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