Why Events?

We want to create a space for change. A space for the community of change to connect, celebrate the wins, story tell, and, most importantly, grow in a supportive environment.

From our events 50% of our profits goes toward our charitable side. Our attendees can know they’re supporting the community all while having fun.

Fundraising Events

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Upcoming events

  • SONSK8

    In the past we teamed up with a local biz to host an event for kiddos to master skating and vie for prizes!

  • CBK Tauranga

    We joined forces with a local bar to organize a lively night for the community party people to support our charity!

  • Our Place

    A successful evening at a local events venue where we once more fundraised for our charitable cause!

Lets join forces!

For businesses interested in supporting our cause through event hosting, contact us to work together!

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